2 Years to 6 Years

During this phase of a child’s development, they are perfecting the skills they need for everyday life. We follow the CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements) subject and content areas in development of our children. In Grade R they follow a structured program and our aim is to have all our children ready for this. All our children from age 2 start this program and every year the level of difficulty is increased. By the time they begin with Grade R, it is not too big an adjustment for them as they are already familiar with the program.

They have 3 subjects and a range of content areas that fall under each one:


Thinking and Speaking

Reading and Phonics

Writing and Hand Writing

Thinking and Reasoning

Language Structure



Number and Number Operations

Patterns, Functions and Algebra

Space and Shape


Data Handling



Physical Education

Personal and Social Well Being

Beginning Knowledge (Science and Technology)

Creative Development (Visual and Performance Art)

These subjects and content areas are integrated throughout the week with various themes and at varying times. The program changes on a weekly basis.

We have a parents login section on the website.  After they login, parents can download the weekly programs.  Parent will from this program, know exactly what the theme of the week is and what their children are busy learning. Our aim is that parents keep involved and informed.