About us

Jelly Babies was founded in early 2011 on two very important principles, which are the corner stones of the school   Namely;  superior education and quality nutrition. The school has grown from a single child to currently in excess of 60 children.  At the same token, personal numbers have increased from 1 to 17 full time staff.  Each year additional upgrading has taken place for the improvement of the facilities.  These include:

  • Dedicated age appropriate class rooms
  • Dedicated baby care rooms and sleeping facilities
  • Access system :Biometric entry/tag system for parents
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Complete outside play area
  • Indoor activity area
  • Dining hall
  • Additional parking facilities

Our passion is in the development of our children. We respect their individuality and we gain great encouragement to see them grow and achieve new milestones every day. We help them learn through play in four distinctive disciplines; physical, mental, social and emotional. We understand that there are individual differences in the speed and manner of each child’s development. At Jelly Babies, from management to carers, the personel have a family culture and offer caring and support for each other, which in turn, teaches the children to do the same.  This caring environment creates a special place for your children to grow.

Please refer to our “Learning Section”  on the website to get a better understanding of what they learn.

In addition to education, another core focus is nutrition. All meals and snacks are provided at our facility. We give them the best start to the day with a healthy breakfast followed by a morning snack, nutritious cooked lunch as well as an afternoon snack. We have a chef that is passionate about cooking for children and this can be seen in the wonderfully nutritional meals that are prepared daily.