Jelly Babies prides itself on the standard of nutrition that is provided for the children.

We have a wonderful chef who prepares nutritious meals daily for the children.

I find it very rewarding to see their little faces waiting for their lunches and watching them enjoy every mouthful. My heart fills with pride when they come to me with pasta sauce all over their faces and ask for a second helping.– Jelly Babies Chef

Top ten favourite foods on the Menu:
Pasta with Napolitana sauce
Italian meatballs with rice and garden veggies
Macaroni and cheese with bacon and broccoli
Fish cakes with rice and veggies
Potato and broccoli soup
Crumbed chicken and roast potatoes
Chicken pie or mince pie
Butternut soup
Lightly battered hake and garden veggies

The five food groups:

A balanced diet incorporating these five important food groups, will ensure a healthy and nutritious eating plan.


Calcium, which is important for strong, healthy bones. Not many other foods in our diet contain as much calcium as dairy products do.


Fruit provides vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre that helps the body stay healthy.

Grain (cereal) foods

Wholegrain and/or high fibre varieties of breads, cereals, rice, pasta, noodles, etc. for energy and a healthy digestive system.

Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds

Protein is broken into amino acids, which are the body’s building blocks, maintaining, developing and repairing the muscle tissue in the body.

Vegetables, legumes and beans

Vegetables should be the base of a meal. The habit of eating vegetables should be encouraged from a young age. Vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre to help the body stay healthy. We have Vegan day every Wednesday!