2 to 6 Years

Help your kids grow into the person they are meant to be!

The Foundation phase in our opinion is the most important, as this will prepare your children for the future. It is inherent in children to play. The ever-changing world forces children to become smarter earlier, do more and be better.

Children have a better understanding of the world they live in, if they are encouraged to ask questions. They develop their critical thinking skills and learn more if answers are not just provided, and if they are encouraged to experiment and find their own answers. We believe in positive reinforcement and helping children to think creatively.

We follow a play-based programme that has been developed by us, taking the national curriculum, CAPS, into account. All South African Government primary schools follow CAPS, therefore our children must be able to cope in that environment.

They have 3 subjects and a range of content areas that fall under each one:


Thinking and Speaking

Reading and Phonics

Writing and Handwriting

Thinking and Reasoning

Language Structure


Number and Number Operations

Patterns, Functions and Algebra

Space and Shape


Data Handling


Physical Education

Personal and Social Wellbeing

Beginning Knowledge (Science and Technology)

Creative Development (Visual and Performance Art)

We incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through the content areas.


We encourage all our children to:

  • ask questions
  • work together
  • think creatively
  • solve problems
  • explore and take calculated risks
  • test solutions to problems and discover new ways of doing things

All content areas are integrated throughout the week with various themes. Themes change on a weekly basis.

We always endeavour to stay ahead of the rest, through innovation and improvement. We use an app called Parent to communicate. You will receive photos of what your child has been doing at school, updates on their daily routine for example how long they have slept and even if they have sustained an injury. The Parent app has the ability to communicate anything and everything with the parents.