External Activities

Help your kids grow into the person they are meant to be!

Netball Goal Getters

Netball Goal Getters focusses on introducing basic netball skills combined with interacting with a child’s life skills. We encourage self-confidence, attention span, concentration development and social development. We also pay attention to balancing visual and auditive perceptions.
Our team of teachers not only loves netball and has a passion for children but is equipped with necessary netball coaching levels, umpiring levels and is on the same mission as to give young netballers the tools and confidence to shine from within.

Kinect Kids is a kinderkinetics practice that focuses on the holistic development of children through gross motor movement. Kinect Kids makes use of fun and interactive movement activities designed not only to strengthen the body but the mind as well, in other words skills that can be learnt outside and then implemented within the classroom too. All sessions are uniquely and individually designed to help your child reach their full movement potential.

Rugga Roots

RUGGA ROOTS is an exciting extra mural RUGBY program, focused on growing love for RUGBY, sports and participation. Boys and girls between 3 & 13 years old are welcome to join our fun-filled and structured program. Our motto “Grassroots to Greatness” will not only apply to the sports field but also in many aspects of life, as our program will address various situations and stimulate physical growth and development.

Dance Mouse

Dance Mouse syllabus offers an awesome foundation to many forms of dance: Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, African-Jazz, Freestyle, Disco, Cheerleading, Contemporary,Rock ‘n Roll, Hip-Tap, Latin American Basics, Gymnastics Basics to name a few…

Gympy Gymnastics

Gymnastics, is known to be the foundation of every sport as “physical exercises designed to develop strength and coordination.”

Gympy gymnastics are fun filled classes that are perfect for children all ages!  It helps develop strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, cognitive development, and social and emotional learning.

Kids learn to explore what their bodies can do from forward rolls, jumping, to balancing and much more!

Wicket Cricket

Our goal at Wicket Cricket is to give boys and girls from the ages of 3-9 years a safe and fun environment to express themselves on the cricket field and discover their love and passion for this exciting game. Our well stimulated and structured program will help children get a better idea of the sport and develop an understanding of the necessary skills needed. We strive to bring out the best in each child on the field and off helping them be great examples to others.

Little Readers

To be able to read is WONDERFUL. A love for reading is INVALUABLE, the ABILITY to read at an early age is the ROAD TO GREAT SUCCESS.

Little Readers offers pre-reading support to pre-school learners, and reading support to primary school learners.

Our classes are presented in both English and Afrikaans, in a fun-filled environment.
We believe in encouragement and positive reinforcement, while creating a lifelong love for reading.

Stimuzone Coding & Robotics for Kids

Mission: To provide affordable, exciting and the most efficient technological education for the new generation by empowering our students to not only be successful but to achieve significance in preparing themselves.
Vision: To deliver ultimate service
To be client orientated
To incorporate the newest technological hardware possible
To stay on top of current educational standards
To develop our syllabus to keep up with technological growth and change